Frequently asked questions

Are Ralalu Mats machine washable?

OH YOU KNOW IT!! Throw it in with light colors and a cold wash. Drape over laundry baskey to dry. Boom done. Easy as pies.

What are Ralalu Mats made out of?

Our mats are made out of 100% Natural Rubber and a microfiber suede. The suede microfiber is so soft and gentle for our babies to be on from day one. The 100% natural rubber creates a non-slip play space. It also absorbs any spills so you're not making a mess of your floor.

When will my city be available??

Want a map that you don't see? Send us a message and we will get back to you on an expected date of launch for your city! We can't wait for you to have one that's close to you! While you wait, please check out some of our general mats that might fit your style!

How long does shipping take?

Because of our high demand right now, shipping will take 2-4 weeks.