Our Story

We are Randy, Laurel, and Luke (RaLaLu). We are a young family of three who wants nothing more than to spend every waking hour together! We want to go to all the places and see all the things! And whoever says life stops when you have a baby forgot that YOU CAN'T STOP!!! We want to get out and play in and savor every minute of our sweet baby's life. 
Luke is baby and the inspiration and model for RALALU and has had and still has the biggest role in helping us dream of everything we want our new business to be! Randy is the big Ra of Ralalu. He loves this baby almost as much as he loves me. He’s a hard worker and a dreamer. He’s the push and the drive behind all we accomplish in this home. Laurel is a boss mom and a mom boss! She puts our family first in all things, and yet is constantly working on her 100 other creative pursuits. If you know her, you love her. And even better, if you know her, she loves you.
When Luke was born Grandma wanted to make a quilt. I wanted something that could grow up with him, I jotted down an idea of a simple road map, that Grandpa turned into a special design of St. Louis. It had all the special places we loved about St. Louis. Luke was on the floor quilt ALL the time as I ran my photography business. He'd chill by my desk, or at strangers houses as I took family photos, he always had a place of his own.
People started noticing it and wanting one of their own! We thought about producing them, but the problem was, the fabric marker used started to bleed every time Luke would spit up...which was a lot..and eventually, the whole blanket was basically destroyed (especially once we changed a blow out on it..oops..). We were still excited about sharing our mat with everyone so we looked for alternatives. We tried everything, from printed fabric to neoprene. When we finally stumbled on the natural rubber and suede option. Quickly bought a sample and started using it EVERY DAY and EVERYWHERE! It held up SO well! It was soft but durable. I could throw it in the wash after going on a trip and having it on the dirty airport ground, and know that it was always a safe and fun place for my baby boy.
That's how it began. We figured out the perfect mat that is SO CUTE in a non-cutesie-baby-toy way. It's special and personal to have a place that's important to YOU and your babies. It's the perfect mat to grow with your baby from day 1 to day 1460. From tummy time to racing time, the Ralalu mat is there.​