Ralalu mats are modern and unique as each design is inspired by your city and special places, creating a meaningful play space for you and your kiddos. You can wipe up spit up, or throw it in the washing machine when snack time gets a little messy.

We designed our mats to be easily folded up and thrown in your diaper bag so you can take it with you wherever you go. It is so nice to have a clean space that your kids know is their own.  So whether you are about to bring a baby home from the hospital or your three rambunctious kiddos don’t know what to do with themselves when they are at your friends house, the ralalu mat will be perfect for all of you.

- Our mats are made out of 100% Natural Rubber and Suede Microfiber. ⠀
- The high end microfiber suede is so soft and gentle for our babies to be on from day one. Our babies love to cozy their face up and rub their hands on the soft top. ⠀
- It's totally machine washable and so durable! You can plop your kids on the mat during snack time and let them eat right on it. 

- The 100% natural rubber creates a non-slip play space, which is most effective and helpful on hard floors. It also absorbs any spills, so you can also keep your carpets clean! 

- The designs are made an integral part of the mat by sublimation printing, meaning there will be no bleeding or fading.

- 1 meter diameter and 1.5mm thickness

- Our manufacturer, offers quality control, eco-friendly, been in business for 11 years with the most advanced printing machines and 12 production lines

Farm Town Mat

Color: Farm Town Map